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Every teacher has his own way of making the golf swing more complicated than it really is. Many of them even presume to have found the real knack that will make everything easy. And then they keep on giving endless explications about insignificant details that nobody ever will realise in practice. And so, all teachers together create an infinite chaos about golf technique and tuition. It seems they create that confusion intentionally with the purpose to just make you pay for their precious wisdom. And in fact, all what they say is untrue. It’s just awkward…




I’m studying the golf stroke technique now since 1989. And most of that work was to eliminate from my mind all that misleading stuff one must hear and read and be shown about that matter. 90% of all that rubbish is simply wrong and is not worth to exist. I tested it all in practice by thousands and thousands of strokes. And it does not help at all. It’s just confusing and fixing errors and more consecutives errors. And it hurts! So: Let’s see that one by one.

They say: Move your weight. And it’s not necessary at all. Better keep your weight still instead of moving it the wrong way. You better concentrate on more important stuff.

They say: Forget your hands. Just have a correct grip and trust in nature.

If nature is so wise – why does your hand work fail?! And it fails! Surely.

They say: Let the club do its work. And there is no work done by the club at all.

They say: Twist and shift your hips. And there is no necessity at all to do so. If you simply get a little tens to keep your body quiet and stable, it’s enough to achieve 95% of your potential.

They say: Turn your body. Make it pivot. And I found out: There is no pivoting before ball impact to do. It’s all after that, towards the finish.

They say: Turn your trunk and shoulders fast, otherwise there is no acceleration to the club head. And I found out: Shoulder turning has almost nothing to do with club head acceleration.

They say nothing about the movements of the arms around their shoulder joints while these are essential moves to good striking.

They say nothing at all about what ones hands have to do. And I found out: Every just so little mistake hands commit leads into total disaster. But then they all look for the error in the body motion when it’s just a little error in hands action. And while you do not correct that, you will keep on searching in details of body motion in an endless labyrinth with no issue.

They say: Lag is important but it will come by it self and naturally, in the moment you move your body correctly. And this is a lie. Because I can produce lag in my hands and wonderful ball flights just sitting in a chair or standing on my knees, without any leg and hip work at all.

And only since my hands strike with lag, which by the way is the only way to strike well with a stick or a bat at all, my body moves free and correctly.

I am also able to strike without lag in my wrists. Than my body movements are all wrong and the ball flights are complete disaster.

I say: Wrong hand action produces 90% of all the bad ball flights lay players show. I can demonstrate all that in practice.

They say: The hands know by them self what to do. But nobody knows what his own hands are doing. Or they do right or they do wrong. There is no knowledge and no teaching at all about that.

They say: Do not hold the lag. But how can you release some thing that you did not hold back before?

They say: Forget lag and hands. They forget because they do it right. But if you do not do it right, you must learn to do it. It’s so simple and so obvious. And it’s that one step to improve your strokes notably from one moment to the other.

They say: Keep your head quiet. Or they say: It’s not necessary to keep your head quiet. So they don’t know anything! Fact is: The axis of the whole move is your spine and it must keep rather still. And the right shoulder must be held back while the arms swing down. Otherwise you shank or pull and slice. So: Keeping your head still and your eyesight down until impact just helps to do it all right.

So I say: Forget everything you ever heard about golf swing technique! Just keep your body completely still, learn to lift the club with your hands and to lift your arms from your shoulder joints. And than learn how to swing down and trough with the correct coordination between arms move and hands action. Here stands the secret that you are looking for, since you started your golfing carrier.

My smart handy e-book brings all that desperate searching to a happy end.

It’s now available for some few Euros by just some clicks.

In the image above you see some of millions of lay golfers swinging the club instead of striking correctly.

The angle between left arm and club shaft is closed to be straightened, where it should be hinged to less than 90° as shown below! This absolutely fatal foul is the origin of all other basic errors to fight.
And there is no way to any real improvement without correcting this deplorable misusing of a golf club.

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